How Pay Per Click (PPC) Services Increase ROI While Slashing Spend

Employing a pay-per-click (PPC) service is often the most effective method of increasing your company’s return on investment (ROI). That is, professional PPC services combine experience in the industry, analytical analysis and creative solutions to intelligently build, manage and grow PPC marketing campaigns for your business.

PPC services are results-driven, aiming to improve return on advertising spend (ROAS) based specifically on your company’s customized goals. Whether you are looking to build a brand or increase sales, utilizing a PPC service will allow you to concentrate on your business while profitably building a customer base.

Moreover, by utilizing a PPC service, you can avoid the time, stress and hassle of managing your own PPC marketing campaigns and focus on what you do best – managing your business.

Here are three reasons why using a PPC service can help increase overall ROI, while
slashing PPC spending:

1. Maximize ROAS through Effective Search Engine Account Management
PPC services start by building well designed search engine marketing campaigns based on in-depth analysis of consumer habits and competitor practices. Based on your company’s goals, they research and determine the best method of engaging potential customers. By creating a strong foundation, PPC services are able to better control spending and quickly spot success.

With each success comes an opportunity for expansion. Poorly designed keyword expansions can increase spending with little improvement to overall volume, thereby hurting ROI. For this reason, a PPC service must strategically plan each expansion built, predicting potential spending, volume and most important ROAS.

Building strong PPC campaigns is only half the process. In order to achieve the greatest results, PPC services utilize their experience to get the most out of each search engine. Understanding of search engine protocols and awareness of changes allows PPC services continued success despite the continued evolution of the search industry.

2. Reach Qualified Customers Using Strategic Creative Development
Simply bringing internet users to your site is not the only goal of a professional PPC service; rather, a PPC service aims to connect your company with right consumers looking for your product or service. A PPC service will create ads that effectively communicate how your product is relevant to consumers, limiting unqualified visitors and unneeded ad spend.

To build a strong ad portfolio PPC services continually test ad performance using analytical testing to determine the best tone and call to action (CTA) for your product. Ad testing is an ongoing process as industries are continually evolving to better connect with consumers. Each new creative is prepared, reviewed and fine-tuned until maximum ROI is achieved.

Fine-tuning your company’s message does not end when an internet user clicks on your ad. PPC services work to increase ROI by tailoring your landing pages to better fit with successful keywords and ads. By ensuring a consumer receives a consistent message from keyword relevance to click through, the PPC service increases the likelihood of a conversion.

3. Increase ROAS with Automated Bid Management - OptimalAd Technology
PPC services often use automated bid management software that can significantly help increase ROAS. Our OptimalAd Proprietary Bidding Solution is able to adjust each keyword based on volume, revenue and historical performance. Each keyword is provided the attention it needs to achieve prime performance.

OptimalAd is able to determine the most financially rewarding page rank and peak volume periods of the day to strategically place ads based on profitability. Using OptimalAd allows us to best control account budgets while making the most of every penny spent.

Moreover, OptimalAd constantly monitors for poor performing keywords, quickly slashing bids when a keyword with negative ROI is encountered. Continued culling keeps budgets under control and limits unnecessary spending.

isoTree combines years of experience providing PPC services with a unique approach to search engine marketing (SEM). Our creative and staff will work to build, grow and refine your PPC campaigns, while our OptimalAd technology works to optimize ad spend.

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Sami Lipman