Writing Effective Copy That Sells

Writing unique and well-targeted copy for search engine marketing (SEM) is a pivotal step in achieving marketing success for online lead generation campaigns. Are you looking to create brand awareness for a new concept, product or company? Or, are you interested in meeting and exceeding your current pay-per-click (PPC) lead generation, click-through-rate (CTR) and return on investment (ROI) goals?

Either outcome can be achieved through extensive analysis of your users’ wants and needs, in combination with a thorough assessment of your existing business model and advertising approach.

Quick Tips from Our PPC Lead Generation Experts:

1. Profiling Your Target Audience

Whether you are offering a service, a product or information, you need to tailor your advertising copy to appeal to the right customer in order to obtain the desired response, while maintaining an optimal cost-to-profit ratio. Knowing WHO your target audience is, WHAT they want, WHERE they are, are prerequisites you need to know before composing your copy. Be prepared to thoroughly research your ideal clients’ profiles with respect to the keywords they are searching; consider the geographical, economic and possible personal aspects that may affect your message.

2. Establishing Credibility

Use your branding copy to establish your company’s credibility in the increasingly competitive e-commerce marketplace. Reach out and connect to your target audience with a clear depiction of what your company is, the services it offers and how it meets the specific needs of the user in a unique way. By clearly stating what your company provides and effectively instructing users how to take advantage of your offering, you will generate leads that are both high in number and in quality. Good branding copy is the groundwork to a solid relationship between you and your potential customers, and a foundation for increasing your return on advertising spend (ROAS).

3. Creating Effective Call-To-Action (CTA)

Your call-to-action, or CTA, is the most important piece of information on your page. Therefore, make sure it accurately reflects your marketing message. So, what exactly is a call-to-action? CTA is a phrase that entices the user to take action: buy a camera, call now, find your classmate, get a free sample, etc. Before you consider using a specific call-to-action, review the steps required to generate a lead and ensure that your copy persuades the users to do exactly what you want them to do. You need to properly draft, edit and position your message for maximum effect.

4. Deciding on Copy Length

Copy length has always been an arguable point with online lead generation companies, but the truth is, it is not about the length, but about your actual message. Do you understand what your customer is looking for and how he is doing so using a search engine? Have you successfully conveyed your product and/or company image? Is your CTA clear and concise? Rather, you should focus your efforts mainly on your copy content.

Lastly, as a general guideline, your copy should aim to say only as much as is required to answer any questions a user possibly ask before taking action, in the least amount of words possible. Generally, more concise content is more effective in conveying a message to a user.

5. Testing Effectiveness and Refining Your Approach

Test the effectiveness of your direct response copy using scientific method: A/B Split testing. Through testing you will be able to determine the kind of copy consumers respond favorably to best, and ultimately which produces the most conversions.

This is in no way a new practice, but a tried and true method, used by many PPC lead generation services, of refining your message and its appeal. A/B tests can be run for titles, content or even small details such as verbiage or keywords. Though it takes time, the test results are vital to achieving optimal account performance. As with any scientific method, you must hypothesize an ideal outcome and devise a means of monitoring, gathering and analyzing your data.

Successful direct response marketing copy is one of the toughest challenges of running a PPC lead generation campaign in today’s increasingly competitive market. Extensive marketing experience and outstanding, world-class staff distinguish isoTree as one of the top PPC management and consulting firms.

isoTree uses a combination of methods, both automated and manual, for applying various copy and landing page optimization testing, as well as OptimalAd, our unique automated PPC bid management software, to increase both CTR% and ROI.

isoTree can help you maximize your profit by reaching top tier users in your vertical, and minimize your costs by addressing all seemingly hidden Google AdWords requirements.

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Sami Lipman