Build Your Brand on Social Media: Why You Need to Start Now

Over the years, most of us have grown to know and love using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. While there are still just a few who cling to pre-2002 social style, there is no denying social media has changed the world - keeping us connected more than ever. Practically everyone uses social media, so why is your brand not using it too? 

In fact, according to Hubspot, 42% of Facebook users and 29% of Twitter users have mentioned a brand in a post or tweet at least once. This basically confirms that people tend to talk about brands on social media, and with 42% of those being Facebook users, we're talking millions. In addition, SocialTimes suggests that consumers are much more likely to buy products from a brand after interacting with it on social media.

Perhaps think of social media as an "online quarterback", passing brand information from your company to the vast online market of consumers. In this way, social media actually has a lot in common with a quarterback, and here's how:

1. Social media wears your brand colors

You can customize your social media profiles so your brand shows through. Although most social media is fairly fixed as far as layout goes, you're in control of the colors and the text. Make sure your profiles wear your team "jersey".

2. Social media is great at connecting your brand to the right people

The quarterback always has the best view of the play. He is able to tell the story best after the teams wins the game with a touchdown at the last second. In the same way, social media allows you to communicate your "story" or brand, to the right people.

You can choose who sees your brand by using targeting parameters, or you can simply put your brand out there for all the public to see and share. Those who are most likely to share your brand are your most loyal brand ambassadors; they chose to follow or "like" you, after all.

Have you ever thought about what information about your brand might resonate within your target market?  Your brand is closely tied to your product or service, and your brand needs to be portrayed in a way that draws people in and forces people to pay attention to it in a positive light.

The Tanj Branding Team knows the importance of social media branding, and has helped numerous well-known brands effectively connect with their target audiences. Sharing your brand stories on social media helps your brand become more relatable, and relatable means shareable and likeable.

3. Social media is never too far from people who know "what's up"

A team's head coach must always communicate with the quarterback. Similarly, you must always be in control of communicating with your brand social media pages. Get someone to help if you don't have time to figure it out. You can easily outsource your social media needs; experts like Christian Karasiewicz offer training, tutorials and 1-on-1 coaching. Even the best managers and CEOs still need to keep up with changes in their industry.

4. Social media is specialized

A quarterback is specialized in getting the ball to the best person in tight situations. He's your best bet. No one else on the team has the same skills.  In today's hyper-technological landscape, everyone has developed a niche for themselves.

Like the quarterback of a football team, social media has capabilities other media outlets lack. But not all social media is created equal. Twitter is all about short, frequent messages. Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin are more friendly to higher-word counts. Linkedin is a great option for reaching industry professionals in the field of your choice, and also best for B2B communication.

Every social media platform has different targeting options, different types of users and different formats. Focus on the ones that provide the most benefits to communicating your brand.

Social media can have a big influence on your bottom-line

Gain followers by showing them who you are and how great your brand is. Then, sell your goods or services. Make a cut across the field and call for the ball. Touchdown! Your brand is close to your most loyal customers. It's on their personal news feeds and they know you. Make sure your products or services are worthy of representing your brand. If they are, you will gain loyal fans.

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Maxim Kurapatkin