Can Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Increase Lead Generation?

Many entrepreneurs are intimidated by SEO because there are so many factors involved. Therefore, is SEO worth investing time and resources on? The answer is simple - Yes! SEO can help increase lead volume by increasing the visibility of your site. Here's how: 

What is SEO, really?

Search Engine Optimization is the science of making alternations to landing pages to increase the chances of increasing the visibility of your website on the organic search results. For example, if you were to search "stir fry recipe" using a Google, Bing or Yahoo! Search Engine, you will be brought to a destination page with your search results. This search results page, includes sponsored or paid ads at the top of the page, and organic search results closer to the middle of the page.

SEO concerns optimizing the placement of your website or landing pages on the organic search results, which were not paid for. The higher your website show up on the organic search results, the better visibility you will get with users. That is basically the overall goal of SEO; to increase the visibility of your site on the organic search results when users search for terms the search engine deems relevant to your landing pages.

There are numerous ways to improve your visibility on the organic search results using SEO. For example, you canimprove the text quality your landing pages to include more keywords that are relevant to your site or product. This way, the search engine will show your site in the organic search results more often when relevant to user search terms. Again, this is just one of many things Google and other search engines check in order to determine how relevant a page is, in relation to a search query. SEO specialists usually know the whole list.

How is SEO related to lead generation?

The goal of SEO is to improve visibility of your website by getting more people to click on a link that goes to one of your landing pages. Therefore, it makes sense then, that SEO would be very helpful in increasing lead generation volume; the more people that see your URL in the search results and click on your link, the more likely you will receive conversions, or leads, on your site.

Many things that help improve your SEO also help improve your conversion rate. Let's say you sell kombucha scobies online, for making kombucha tea. You start a blog and start posting all kinds of kombucha recipes, and share your posts on your business's social media accounts. People start liking, following, sharing and linking to you. Search engines take note and soon you've moved up a few positions in the list of results for "strawberry kombucha" and "ginger kombucha." Then, of course, more people visit your site because you're not buried down in the 14th page of results.

Can I bypass SEO work by using paid advertising? 

While SEO is a great way to improve visibility in the organic search results, you can also choose to advertise using paid ads via Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management. Paid ads get placed at the top of the search results, increasing the visibility of your website, in turn increasing the number of visitors to your site and chance of conversions. Of course, you'll have to invest more up front and you might need to hire a professional to ensure you're getting a good return on your investment. But it's definitely worth considering.

The best option? Using both SEO & PPC

Most of the time, it is beneficial to invest in both PPC and SEO. That is, PPC helps improve your SEO. Think of it as a jump start. Like we said before, you're bypassing a lot of SEO work and getting eyes on your pages quickly. When people link to you and share your work, it tells Google that you've done well and you're relevant and you'll be rewarded.

Whether you choose SEO, PPC or both to increase lead generation from your website, these disciplines can be a whopper of a job for an individual person who is inexperienced. At isoTree, our experts specialize in PPC, lead generation and SEO. Contact us today to discuss how we can help make your business or website successful! 


Maxim Kurapatkin