4 Lesser-Known Business Benefits of Blogging

Just about every business that benefits from website traffic has a blog. Blogging is one of the go-to means of generating website traffic and improving SEO. Blog articles are sometimes used to generate leads and convert visitors, too. These are the well-known and well-utilized benefits of blogging. There are plenty of overlooked benefits of blogging, though. This article explores some of them. 


1. Blogging Helps You Organize Ideas and Come up with New Ones


There's nothing better than writing if you want to organize your thoughts. In order to write a good blog post, one has to understand the topic's concepts thoroughly and express himself clearly. When you write, you'll probably do some research, even if the topic is something you're familiar with. Essentially, you vet yourself and make sure you understand any new developments related to your subject. As you write, don't be surprised if you start thinking about topics in a way you never have. If you come across an idea of any kind, write it down and explore it when you have time. Who knows? Maybe you'll stumble across your next cash cow product or service.


2. Blogging Gives You Insight into Your Market


Share your blog posts on social media and take note of the comments they receive. Have a look at any demographics your Facebook page or Analytics application gather. Sometimes there is a persona that emerges from the numbers. You might not have known that lots of female teens are aware of your brand, for example. If you find out there are, you can consider catering to them with your next blog post or with advertisements. 


3. Blogging Establishes Your Expertise


When visitors access your website, they consciously and subconsciously look for things. Everything from font to layout affects their behavior. To establish your credibility and keep them on your website until they (hopefully) convert, there are a few things you can do. Including testimonials and/or media mentions are examples. Blogs can also help to ensure your visitors that you are what they're looking for and persuade them to convert. When you write, think about who you're writing for. Try to use language that they can understand clearly. Include information that asserts your expertise and credentials when you think it's time.


4. Blogging is Good for You


There are studies that suggest writing can improve overall well-being. Although it's unclear exactly how, it's fair to say that few kinds of writing will harm you. Writing also improves your memory since it requires you to remember all kinds of concepts, phrases, and ideas and to put them into coherent paragraphs. 


Writing also makes you more creative. Creativity is like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. As you write more and more, you'll start getting ideas about how to express yourself and, like we said before, you'll get ideas that may benefit your business. Creativity is always something to strive for.


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Maxim Kurapatkin