4 Simple Tips for Website Content

Do you have a blog? Have you ever posted something on social media? I'd bet you have. You took your time, right? You were careful with the text and you watched the whole video before you shared it. That's great. But there's probably more to content than you know. Don't worry, though. It's easy to follow these tips and improve your content game.

Consider Colors

Did you know red and green are indistinguishable to some? It's true. Some colorblind folks can't tell the difference. Whatever you do, don't post red text onto a green background, or vice versa. Resist that urge this Christmas! Also, don't use red and green for your link colors on your site. Whatever colors you use, be sure they contrast well. Don't use light grey and white together, for example.

There's also an argument for choosing colors that elicit certain feelings.

  • Red makes things feel urgent or exciting. It can bring on a quick purchase decision.
  • Green is, of course, strongly associated with health and nature. 
  • Orange and yellow tend to represent optimism and contentedness. 
  • Blue represents dependability, assuredness, or calm.
  • Purple conveys a sense of wisdom and honor. 

This isn't only important for content. It's also important to think about when designing your image and your brand.

Write Text Everyone Can Understand

Last year, Shane Snow shared some interesting findings on Contently's blog. He found that few best-selling books are above the 9th-grade reading level. Many are 6th-grade-level or below, in fact. Ernest Hemingway? He wrote for fourth graders. This must have inspired Hemingway App. It takes your text and highlights complex sentences, adverbs and passive voice. When you rewrite everything in a simpler way, the highlighting goes away. Why? Because simpler sentences and words are easier to understand and easier to read. People rarely want to read things they can barely understand.

As Snow points out in his article, the subject matter of a post or video should not be mundane while being easy to read. Talk about something new or look at a topic from a new perspective. But make sure it's easy to grasp.

Take Advantage of Advertising

Things don't reach people online as well as they used to. The web is too crowded with content. Sometimes you have to lubricate things, if you know what I mean. Having content around for the occasional visitor is good. But when you need more people to actually read it, you may have to pay to distribute it to potential readers. Typically, content that is meant to lead visitors directly to a purchase decision is advertised. However, online advertising is a good way to gain brand awareness or meet other goals.

There are a number of different advertising networks to choose from. All have advantages and disadvantages. To learn more about social media advertising, see this article. To learn about search engine ads, click here.

Need help with your content? Don't hesitate to admit it. It takes time to create the perfect content strategy. When you decide to get help, we'll be standing by. Click here to contact us.



Maxim Kurapatkin