Include Trust Seals on Your Website for Better Conversion Rates


Did you know 17% of visitors who drop out of your sales funnel do it because of concerns about payment security?1 They're not crazy. The FBI's 2016 internet crime report sites over a billion dollars in losses due to fraud, and 280,000 complaints.2 That's why security trust seals tend to improve conversion rates. But security isn't where this ends. Display any kind of recognizable seal to instill trust in your website visitors and improve conversion rates. There are a few types of trust seals, also called "trust badges," you can use. 

Security Trust Seals

The most recognizable security seals are the Norton (Symantec) and McAfee seals. Anyone can put these on their website and claim to be secured, and their CVR will probably improve. However, please actually purchase the security product from either Norton or McAfee before displaying the trust seal. The security product provider will need to authenticate your site and scan it for malware before you're allowed to display the seals. Here's what the Norton trust seal looks like.

Another well-known security seal is the Verisign seal. It notifies us that a website has an SSL certificate, like the Symantec and Norton seals do.

Trade Trust Seals

Ever heard of "fair trade certified" products? They are products sold by companies using sustainable pratices and paying their suppliers a far price. The fair trade seal is well-recognized within some segments of the market. 

Another kind of trade seal is the ISO seal. A business sporting the ISO badge is certified by the International Organization for Standardization. Businesses with this certification are highly unlikely to fall short of any regulatory requirements. 

Reputation Trust Seals

The most common seal that says "we have a good reputation" is the BBB seal. It shows that a business is registered with the Better Business Bureau. You can look up such a business at and find out how many complaints have been filed against it and how many have been left unresolved. Most businesses display their BBB "grade" on the seal. A big "A+" from the Better Business Bureau is a strong conversion driver.

The Webutation Trust Seal

Webutation is an online service that aggregates all of the security features of a website and grades it on a 0 to 100 scale. This seal isn't well-recognized now but it could catch on, since it takes several factors into account. Here's Facebook's Webutation score.

Transaction/Payment Trust Seals

You probably know about the payment processor called PayPal. PayPal provides a number of seals to help you establish trust on your website. Consumers trust PayPal and view it as a "safe" way to pay, generally. 

There are many other payment trust seals that are used for various purposes. Some simply notify the visitor that a certain form of payment is accepted, such as Visa debit cards. You might offer a very niche payment method, such as BitCoin. It would be a good idea to publicize this, as it differentiates you from other sellers. 

Related Thoughts

It's a great idea to use badges. Display multiple badges but don't crowd your website with them. A/B test your landing pages with different combinations of badges. Also, keep in mind that badges alone may not help as much as you need. There's a long list of SEO factors that should be reviewed as well. Be patient and be creative when you look for ways to increase traffic to your site. Best of luck!

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David Kalla