Computer Productivity Hacks, Tricks & Shortcuts You May Not Know

Unless you're a fair distance down the rabbit hole, so to speak, you probably aren't aware of some things that can help you get more work done and keep your mind and body healthy. Try these productivity-boosting tips and tricks.

Inverted Color Mode

If your eyes get tired and itchy after looking at a compter screen all day, it might be because most of your windows are white and bright. Invert the colors for a soothing effect.

In Windows (if you have an OS that includes Magnifier)

  • Search for "Magnifier" in the taskbar

  • Click the little round gear, which is the options menu button

  • Select the box next to "Turn on color inversion"

In Mac

  • Press Command+Alt/Option+F5

  • In the "Display" category, check the box next to "Invert Display Colors"


image by Michael Coté

When you have lots of applications running, how do you switch from one to another? If you use Windows, you probably click on icons in the taskbar. That can be tedious, though. There's a better way. Press Alt+Tab in Windows or Command+Tab in Mac. You can release the tab button after the navigation menu opens. You'll see a bunch of thumbnail snapshots of every application that's running. Click on one with your mouse or use the arrow keys and release the tab button when you've found the application you want to see.

Other Shortcuts

Have you ever closed a tab in your web browser by accident? It's not gone forever. Press CTRL+SHIFT+T to open it again. If you work in public spaces, you can easily lock your computer by pressing Windows Key+L. That would be COMMAND+SHIFT+Q in Mac.

You can actually create any keyboard shortcuts you need. If you find yourself taking too much time clicking around, consider creating a shortcut that would save time. Here's how to do that in Mac, and here are the Windows Instructions. Search for relevant instructions if these aren't for your operating system.


This is an excellent app for those of us who use messengers like Skype, Slack and Google Hangouts in our work. Franz consolidates all of your messaging into one application. You can even set up multiple accounts for each messenger. No more clicking around from app to app and no more grabbing your smartphone while you're at your desk. Franz will take care of you.

One More Tip

For your productivity and for your health, make sure you take a short break every half hour or so. Just a few minutes will do. It's not healthy to stay seated for hours on end. You'll be able to get more things done if you take short breaks to stretch your legs and rest your eyes.

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David Kalla