Which CMS Is Best for Making a Website?


You're ready to build your reputation online but don't know the best way of making a website? We've all been there. We'll help you through this. 

Can I Do This Myself?

You're probably wondering if you can do this alone, right? That's a good question to ask. It depends on the complexity of your needs. If all you need is a website with some informational pages, a blog and a contact page, the answer is "yes." You can do it yourself. 

The more you need, the more likely the answer is "no." You might be able to integrate an app that schedules appointments, for example, by yourself. But you're not going to build an airline flight shopping website by yourself unless you're an experienced coder. Even if you are a coder, it will help to have some additional manpower when building a complex website such as that.

Option 1: Wix

Wix is great for making basic websites. It's the most intuitive content management system (CMS) available, in our opinion. It minimizes clutter, which allows you to find what you need easily. After a few hours of practice, editing layouts and colors is a breeze. We can't say this about other website builders. And the website you'll have won't appear simplistic to visitors. It will look nice and professional. Although, you'll need to pay to remove the Wix logo from it. It's the same with all website builders. Nothing's free unless you want advertisements on your pages.

Wix includes blog and scheduling features that are pretty much ready to go with one click. There are also a number of apps that can be easily integrated with a click or two. Apps range from "design tools" to "analytics." There are many categories. You don't have to download and install anything manually. Just click. And if Wix doesn't provide the right app, you can integrate one using html or by other means.

Option 2: WordPress

WordPress isn't as simple or as straightforward as Wix. However, it does provide a wider range of features. There are two ways to use it. You can install it on your domain or you can sign up for WordPress.com. Signing up for (and paying for) WordPress.com (not .org) means you don't have to install things on your domain. Everything is settled into your account. However, the features available to you when you do not install WordPress onto your domain are limited. It can be quite frustrating to figure out how to do things with WordPress.com when all the instructions you can find are for WordPress users who install it on their domain (.org). 

Installing WordPress on your domain is free. The only cost will be the monthly rate of the domain registration itself. Thus, WordPress is usually cheaper than Wix and Squarespace, which require monthly payments to use unless you don't mind ads all over your site. All options require domain registration, which costs money.

Are you confused? Well, using WordPress can be like this. It gets better with time but we think this option is only the best one if you want to build mildly complex websites repeatedly. If you just want to build one website and you don't need loads of customization or features, choose something else. 

Option 3: Squarespace

Squarespace serves as a midpoint between Wix and WordPress. It's simple but it offers a little more flexibility than Wix. It's more intuitive and less of a headache than WordPress. The most important difference between Squarespace and Wix is probably the appearance of the templates available. Squarespace templates are a little more elegant. You can customize any template in either builder. However, it's helpful to start with a template that's close to what you want your finished website to be. 

Squarespace might be the better choice if you have something specific in mind. Just remember that if it's something highly specific and/or complex, involving a specialized layout or a niche widget, you might need help from a professional. 

Summing Up

Making a website can be frustrating and time consuming. In some cases, you can avoid a lot of headache by choosing the right CMS or website builder. Take your time doing a trial of these three options and any others you want to test. And know when to ask for help!

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David Kalla