3 Steps to Enable Google Local Listings

So you want your business to show up in those cool local-area listings when people search for your products or services, right? It's a great idea. If you primarily serve consumers in your region, you should definitely do this because you're at a disadvantage if you dont. You won't be as visible.  You have the potential to compete with competitors in Google's local arena.

Caution: The key to setting this up successfully is to appear legitimate to Google. For best results, have all of your contact info on your website. Having a local phone number is a good idea. Try to list the same information on all your profiles and pages. 

Step 1: Set Up the Accounts

There are two accounts you'll need.

  1. Google My Business

  2. Google+

Google My Business

Google My Business is fairly easy to set up. What you need to look out for is the "service area." Set a service area if you deliver products within a region or if you are mostly interested in connecting with people in your specific region. It can be defined as a radius or as a group of zip codes. If you don't set a service region, you're telling Google that you can deliver or travel to do business anywhere; or that you want people to visit your storefront from anywhere.

Make sure you click the radio button to enable your service area, if needed.

If you also welcome consumers to your office or storefront, in addition to having a service area, make sure you click the check box to let Google know that.

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Google +

During the process of setting up Google My Business, you'll be given a Google+ account. Just list all of the information you listed on My Business in this account.

Step 2: Fill Out Everything

The key word here is "thoroughness." Make sure everything you can enter has been entered.  For example, your hours, your profile image and your tagline. Explore your profile and add things until you can't find anything else to add. Take your time and mind your grammar and spelling. Double check everything.

Step 3: Stay Active

For best results, keep updating all of your profiles. Not just Google+ and My Business, but your Facebook page, your website, and any other online presence you have. Share blog posts, update your information, get followers; anything you can do to show Google you're real and you're doing your thing.

Final Thoughts

Although there are three basic steps to setting up your Google Local listings, it will take a while to get them done. You might not see the results you want very soon either. Be patient and keep being active. If it doesn't work out, get help from Google or a third party specialist. 

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David Kalla