3 Reasons a Career in Marketing Is a Good Choice

Thinking about a marketing career? Let's just go ahead and state something right away. It's not an easy industry to work in. There are many challenges but that's why we love it. There's never a dull day. The industry surprises us constantly with new technology, advertising algorithm edits and weird consumer behavior. If you like consistency and predictability, marketing isn't for you. If you like surprises, on the other hand, you're looking in the right place. Before we move on, just note that we're not talking about sales, here. We're talking about ads, content, leads and everything else that happens before salespeople get involved.

There's a Good Outlook

Marketing careers are expected to grow by around 7% over the next 7 years. That's better growth than average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. We expect even more growth, potentially. There are so many different ways businesses reach their markets now. Most of them need a team of marketers working to keep them on top of their game.

Salaries are also attractive in the marketing industry. Not everyone in marketing is paid "well" but many have opportunities to reach an above-average salary. There are more opportunities for career growth than the average industry provides.

It's an Opportunity to Learn Things Nobody Else Knows

Marketing is evolving so quickly it's difficult to predict what will happen next. Nobody really saw Facebook coming but it's now essential to brands that need to connect with their markets. In the future, we'll be even more "connected" than ever but nobody really knows exactly what's coming. This gives marketers an opportunity to become experts on a complex and fickle range of tech, best practices and strategies. We think it's a good feeling to ride that wave.

It's Both "Left-Brain" and "Right-Brain"

While some marketers might work with statistics and data all the time, many need to exercise their "right-brain" skills at least a little. That means they need to be creative and forward thinking. A business's brands need to be unique and noticeable. It's up to marketers to make sure consumers "get it," which requires some creative ability. The results of that creative thinking have to be assessed somehow, though, because marketing is closely tied to the company's bottom line. Today, there are countless software programs dedicated to testing variants, gaining insights and monitoring performance indicators. Therefore, most marketers will work with numbers and data often.

These are just a few reasons a marketing career is a good choice. There are many additional ones. We could go on all day. Is this the industry for you?

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David Kalla