Comparing Google Optimize and Optimizely

A/B testing, A/B/n testing and multivariate testing utilize statistical mathematics to compare the effectiveness of different webpages with the goal of optimizing performance incrementally. A common result is improved return on investment due to higher conversion rates. Google's new Optimize application is designed to help you optimize your pages in this way.

If you're wondering what the differences between A/B, A/B/n and multivariate testing are, see the "Experiment Types" section on this page. The basic idea is testing two versions (A/B) or testing several versions (multivariate, A/B/n).

There are a few alternatives to Google Optimize. One of the most well-known is Optimizely. Google Optimize and Optimizely are comparable in terms of the suite of features they offer. Google offers two plans. Optimizely offers three plans. 


* The Page Analytics Chrome extension has similar functionality, as well as Google Analytics. Google will probably update Optimize with a heatmap feature.

** This is segmented by access level. Optimizely limits "advanced collaborator" access with its standard plan.

*** The rate is variable. We found a source that averaged several quotes. Source:  Analyzo

For more information about Optimizely plans, go here.

For more information about Google Optimize plans, go here.

David Kalla