Corporate History

Since January 2000, isoTree has positioned itself as a progressive and adaptable technology agency, specializing in customer lead generation via PPC Campaign Management (e.g. Google Adwords).

isoTree offers highly integrative partnerships and customized solutions with exceptional customer service to an exclusive client list which have established budgets for customer acquisition.

We believe our success is attributed to the intention of establishing client relationships based on integrity, as well as taking complex ideas and making them simple.

isoTree is privately owned by two partners, who are also friends, and remain today in 2014 as active members of Executive Management. We have a close-knit staff of around 20 full time people, with very little turnover during thirteen years of operation.

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  • January 2000 – isoTree is started, and within a few years releases a multi-thread universal lead standardization, validation, and distribution system for sales leads, allowing robust real time forecasting and decision for optimal lead posting to our exclusive client list.

    isoTree also implements OptimalAd, a proprietary PPC marketing bid management software, which provides financial and marketing statistics reporting tool that serves as the software platform for all isoTree marketing tools.

  • February 2003 – isoTree generates its millionth lead.

  • January 2006 – isoTree implements a virtual office system design to streamline process and maximize efficiency for a staff that telecommutes during 100% of its billable hours. isoTree also officially expands to more than 20 full-time staff members collaborating from their home offices around the world.

    Over the years, this core staff has enabled isoTree to grow our exclusive client list and diversify our profit-generating business verticals.

  • January 2014 – isoTree remains a thriving boutique agency, staying true to the values of excellence and integrity.

    We have been in business for over a decade and established a premier reputation in a specialized market niche, offering performance based online customer acquisition via sponsored search pay-per-click campaign management.